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High school students from Zadar interested in presentations about the Tribunal

Zadar |

Representatives of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) in Croatia, Mia Peretić and Nikola Puharić visited the “Franjo Petrić” Mathematics and Science Grammar School and “Vladimir Nazor” Grammar School in Zadar on 4 and 7 December, respectively. The YIHR representatives held three presentations about the work of the Tribunal for a total of 67 students from these two schools.

High school students from Zadar had the opportunity to learn more about the Tribunal’s main achievements, and to get detailed information about the cases held before the Tribunal in relation to Croatia. The students showed great interest in the topic and the questions they asked were mostly about the Gotovina et al. case.

A majority of students found the presentation excellent and confirmed that their knowledge about the Tribunal had greatly improved. “I found out a lot about the Tribunal, the ways in which it is contributing to our everyday lives and how important its existence is for us “ commented one of the students of “Franjo Petrić” Grammar School.

The Tribunal’s Outreach Programme will continue its cooperation with the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Croatia, and their next presentations will be held in Dubrovnik, Đakovo, Požega and Gospić.