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ICTY attorney meets Belgrade law students

Belgrade, 24 May 2013

Matthew Gillet, a trial attorney with the Tribunal’s Office of the Prosecutor, today gave a presentation on the legal concepts of command responsibility and joint criminal enterprise (JCE) at the law faculty of Belgrade’s UNION University. Around 30 students and professors attended the lecture.

The students were thoroughly engaged by the presentation and eager to interact with Matthew in the Q&A that followed.

The students’ questions were detailed and interesting, and covered topics ranging from elements of the crime of genocide to the burden of proof in cases before the Tribunal.

Towards the end event, the conversation turned to more general topics and a student asked if ICTY could be considered a success.

Matthew said that, while there were doubtless areas where criticism was due, the ICTY should certainly be considered a success, given its immense range of achievements. He pointed to the ICTY’s vast corpus of international law, as well as its role in ending impunity, individualising guilt, and establishing facts, all while giving victims a chance to tell their stories.