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Junior diplomats from the Balkans and Turkey visit the Tribunal

The Hague, 23 October 2013

The ICTY's Outreach programme today welcomed a delegation of 17 junior diplomats from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Albania and Turkey, who came to the Tribunal on a visit organised in cooperation with The Hague’s Clingendael Institute, a think tank and diplomatic academy which aims to enhance insight in international relations.

The visitors met with Aleksandar Kontić, a representative of the Office of the Prosecutor, who informed them about the important topic of state cooperation with the Tribunal. The young diplomats learned about the different ways in which states of the former Yugoslavia work with the Tribunal, as well as about the assistance Tribunal provides to national courts adjudicating war crimes cases.

The topics of the questions raised by the visitors at the end of the meeting included the legal doctrine of command responsibility and the completion strategy of the ICTY.

The visitors’ schedule also included attending a hearing in the ongoing trial of Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladić.