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Karlovac school children fascinated by the work of the Tribunal

Karlovac, 19 April 2012

Over 40 students from Karlovac gymnasium today responded warmly and with great interest to a presentation on the work and accomplishments of the Tribunal given by the Outreach programme. Several students even remained after the event to learn more about the Tribunal’s activities.

The students were eager to hear about cases concerning their region of Croatia, which, as a frontline town, was seriously affected by the conflict. They also enjoyed finding out more about the Tribunal’s mandate, sentencing practices, individualisation of guilt and the strategies used by the Defence.

The presentation triggered an engaging debate about sentencing guidelines. The Outreach representative explained how the judges of the Tribunal are required to thoroughly analyse all the mitigating and aggravating factors in the process leading up to the sentencing of the accused.

The Karlovac gymnasium history programme is unique in that the school organises visits for fourth-year students to the Jasenovac Holocaust museum, and the Ovcara Memorial Museum near Vukovar, to show students the tragedies of war, and allow them to pay their respects to the innocent victims.

“I think this was a very good and balanced presentation about the accomplishments of the ICTY,” said history teacher Snježana Stranigar. “It’s a pity that his programme did not start years ago, since many generations of high school students could have benefited from this information, but I was glad of the opportunity to hear the presentation today.”