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Kosovar schoolchildren welcome ICTY representative

Dragash, 25 May 2012

ICTY Outreach representative Shkelzen Dhomi today presented the work and achievements of the Tribunal to 35 high school students from Dragash in southern Kosovo.

The students were inquisitive and anxious to engage with Shkelzen, even though their area of Kosovo had not been affected by the conflict. They were particularly keen to hear about the Limaj et al. case, which addressed the crimes committed by Kosovo Liberation Army members.

The atmosphere in the classroom remained relaxed and hospitable throughout, and the students expressed their gratitude once the presentation had concluded. “This presentation helped us a lot by giving us information we really needed to know about the Tribunal,” said one girl.

As they headed to their next lesson, Shkelzen provided the students with various handouts and encouraged them to consult the ICTY’s website and social media pages to learn more about daily work of the Tribunal.