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Križevci students expand their knowledge of the ICTY

Križevci, 4 May 2012

Outreach staff from the Zagreb office today travelled to the small town of Križevci in northern Croatia, and delivered a presentation to over 40 students from the Ivana Zakmardija Dijanovečkoga high school.

After a presentation on the work and achievements of the Tribunal, the students had numerous questions covering a wide variety of topics.

They were curious about the impending closure of the Tribunal and wanted to know about its successor institution, the Residual Mechanism. They also had questions on why the Tribunal could no longer issue new indictments after 2004; why there the ICTY cannot impose the death sentence; which indictees were sentenced to life imprisonment; whether there are any judges from the territory of former Yugoslavia sat in the court chambers.

Ethics professor Sanela Starešec, who attended the presentation, commented: “I am very satisfied with this presentation. It provided the most important information with regard to the prosecution of crimes committed on the territory of Croatia, and I believe this was very useful for our students, since, as you heard them say, they were not aware of many of these facts.” 

One of the students said that “there should be more presentations like this one, because many misperceptions about the Tribunal are due to ignorance of the facts we have learned today.”