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Latest Outreach documentary receives its Serbian premiere

Belgrade, 17 March 2014

The third in a series of documentaries produced by the ICTY’s Outreach Programme, Through Their Eyes – Witnesses to Justice, premiered today in Belgrade, Serbia. The screening took place in Art bioskop, which forms part of the Ethnographic Museum of Serbia. Over 70 diplomats, NGO representatives, journalists and members of the general public attended the screening.

Speaking before the premiere, museum manager Miroslav Tasić stressed the importance of the human dimension in the judicial process, exemplified by victims’ testimonies. “It is with great interest that I will watch this story of the people who survived some harrowing experiences and their motivation to contribute to the abstract notion of justice and more specific notion of the rule of law,” Tasić said.

Following the screening, the film-makers Steve Coulson and Petar Finci answered numerous questions from the audience, covering topics from the Tribunal’s image in Serbia and the importance of outreach efforts despite the difficult public opinion environment, to the protection of witnesses and the paramount significance of the Tribunal’s legacy with respect to documentary archiving of, among other things, witness testimonies.

The event concluded with a reception that provided guests with the opportunity to express their appreciation of the way in which the film underlines the human, rather than the ethnic, component of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, as well as the fact that it offers a potential resolution through examples of humanity, possible even in the darkest of times.