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Law students from Slovenia visit the Tribunal

The Hague |

The ICTY Outreach Programme today welcomed a group of 33 law students from Nova Gorica, Slovenia on a visit organised in cooperation with European Law Student Association of the Nova Gorica University.

The visitors met with Nenad Golčevski, a representative of the Outreach Programme, who introduced them to the work and achievements of the Tribunal. In addition to providing the visitors with the overview of the ICTY’s results in the domains such as fighting impunity for war crimes and individualisation of guilt, Nenad also explained the dynamics of the Tribunal’s completion strategy and the role of the MICT in taking overthe residual functions of the ICTY. Towards the end of the presentation, Nenad also described some of the key projects and results of the ICTY Outreach Programme and explained its role and mandate.

The students showed great interest in a number of issues mentioned during the presentation – including the Tribunal’s archival legacy; the protective measures assigned to some of the witnesses and sentencing policy. One of their questions touched upon the ethnic profile of the victims and perpetrators in the Tribunal’s trials, to which Nenad replied that the ICTY has never considered the ethnicity or religion of the people it has tried or of the victims, but ratherhas been drivenexclusively by the evidence that has been uncovered and collected regarding the crimes investigated.

The students’ visit also included a courtroom tour during which they had a chance to sit in the courtroom gallery, were informed about the logistical and operational side of conducting trials and about the ways in which protection measures are assigned and implemented for witnesses.