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Law Students from Tuzla Visit the Tribunal

The Hague, 08 November 2013

A one-day visit of 46 students and professors from the Law Faculty of the University in Tuzla, BiH, provided a unique opportunity for the Bosnian students to meet a Tribunal judge and a number of staff members and to explore in-depth some of the issues related to international justice they had learnt about during their studies. The visiting group included the regional 2013 champions in "Futura Moot Court" competition for the law students from the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

"This was an enormous opportunity for us to really understand the importance of Tribunal's work," – said a 4th year student Almira Smajić. "Most of us were here for the first time, and the organisation of the visit and the choice of topics were very beneficial for our future endeavours."

The students met with Judge Christoph Flügge, who spoke to them about different aspects of his role as Judge at the ICTY. This was followed by a productive question and answer session. The students also had an opportunity to hear presentations about the prosecution of war crimes after the Tribunal, joint criminal enterprise and command responsibility, as well as on the Detention Unit and the work of the Outreach Programme.

Many of the students commented on the importance of the work done by the Tribunal's Outreach Programme for young people in the former Yugoslavia and enquired about its future after the end of Tribunal's mandate.