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Law students from Zenica delighted with their visit to the Tribunal

The Hague, 03 April 2014

The study visit of 45 students and professors of the Law Facutly of Zenica University was concluded today after two days of lectures and presentations, and it provided the visitors with a better insight into the work and practices of this institution, which will greatly benefit their future legal careers. This visit was jointly organised by the Tribunal's Outreach Programme and the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Netherlands, as part of their continued cooperation in organizing these kinds of educational projects.

Speaking abou the importance of this visit for the professional advancement of students Dr. Nezir Pivić, the vice-dean of the faculty said: “This study visit is a valuable experience for our young students and its aim was for them to gain practical skills in the field of law“. His colleague, Mr. Enis Omerović added that da su „the discussions with the judges and prosecutors of the Tribunal provided the students with a new perception of the legal profession and allowed them to better understand why his existence and work are needed“.

During their visit, the students had a chance to talk to Judge Christof Flügge, Prosecutor Serge Brammertz, as well as other representatives of Chambers, Registry and the Office of the Prosecutor. Commenting on the programme of the visit, Lejla, a fourth year law student said: „It was an honour for me to attend lectures of eminent judges, prosecutors and legal experts of the Tribunal who explained some of their experiences and work practices and thereby made the work of the Tribunal more accessible“.

The students were especially impressed with the a hour-long meeting with the Prosecutor, Serge Brammertz, which they described as open and frank, during which they asked questions about numerous issues related to the work of the Office of the Prosecutor, Demirel, a fourth year student made the following conclusion at the end of the visit: „This was a very important step in our legal education, because we were given the opportunity to gain practical knowledge from eminent experst“.

The visit was concluded with the screening of the documentary Through their eyes: witnesses to justice produced by the Outreach Programme, which was greeted by a round of applause and comments about the importance of the legacy of the Tribunal, and especially about the importance of tens of thousands of hours of testimonies of victims' for the future transitional justice processes and the education of the future generations in the former Yugoslavia.