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Lebanese students visited ICTY

The Hague, 02 December 2014

A group of 30 Lebanese students today visited the ICTY as a part of their study visit to international legal institutions in The Hague. The students attended a hearing in the Mladić case and then met with ICTY representatives from the OTP, Chambers and Registry, a member of defence council and a representative of the Asser Institute.

The guests met first with Christophe Paulussen, Senior Researcher at the Asser Institute. Christophe introduced them to the history and development of international justice since WWI and explained in detail the work of the international tribunals. The guests were eager to know what measures an international instituation can take to arrest suspects. The idea of ''no one is above the law'' and impunity was discussed.

The second presentation was held by the Association of Defence Councils (ADC) representative Dragan Ivetić, who talked about trial and his experience as a Defence council at the ICTY. Students also met with Alex Demirdjian, Trial Attorney in the OTP, who talked about the importance of the witnesses’ testimonies for the trial. Questions about the consequences of a false testimony were raised and the guests were surprised to hear that a witness can be indicted and prosecuted if he or she gives a false testimony.

John Cubbon, Senior Legal Officer in the ICTY Chambers briefly introduced students to the ICTY history and Statute. Finally, Dagmara Albrecht Associate Legal Officer in the ICTY Registry talked to the guests about the work of the Registry, Detention Unit and the enforcement of sentences.

The visit was organised by ICTY Outreach Programme in cooperation with the Outreach section of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.