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Macedonian law students get to know the ICTY

Skopje, 09 April 2014

Around 55 law students from two universities in Skopje, capital of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, today attended lectures on the practice and jurisprudence of the ICTY, given by John Cubbon, a Senior Legal Officer in the Tribunal’s Chambers.

John’s first lecture was given at the American University with 15 students in attendance, while the second lecture was given at the law faculty of St. Cyril and Methodius University to an audience of around 40 students. At both lectures, John also spoke about a number of other related issues, including the reasons for the establishment of the ICTY; the benefits of having international judges sitting on war crimes cases; the criticism that international criminal law is selective and lacks an enforcement mechanism; and the potential for international courts to contribute to the restoration and maintenance of peace and security through their work.

Discussing the importance of such lectures to Macedonian law students, Elena Mihajlova, Assistant Professor of International Law at St. Cyril and Methodius University, said that they provided students with exceptional first-hand legal insights in areas where they have previously only had access to theoretical knowledge. She added: ”Our students rarely have the opportunity to hear lectures of this kind.”