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More high school students in Kosovo learn about the ICTY

Podujeva/Podujevo, 11 October 2013

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (YIHR KS), in partnership with the ICTY’s Outreach Programme, today gave a presentation on the work and achievements of the Tribunal to around 30 students at the Isa Boletini high school in Podujeva, Kosovo.

During the first part of the presentation, YIHR KS staff presented a short history of the ICTY, including its establishment and mandate. They then moved on to discuss cases specifically related to Kosovo, for example those of Slobodan Milošević, Vlastimir Đorđević, and Šainović et al.

The students were also shown footage from the testimonies of three witnesses before the Tribunal, and were told all about the importance of the ICTY’s contributions to the development of international criminal law.

The young people had numerous questions for the presenters, with popular topics including how the decision to indict someone is made, and what happens to those found guilty. The students were also very curious to hear about the role played by victims and witnesses in ICTY trials, and about the protection work of the Victims and Witnesses Section.

In their evaluation forms, a majority of the students wrote that they were very happy to have been afforded the opportunity to learn more about the ICTY and would be pleased to attend similar lectures in the future.