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New round of ICTY Outreach presentations in Kosovo high schools

Klina/Klinë |

The fourth cycle of presentations in Kosovo high schools, about the Tribunal’s work and achievements, started today in “Luigj Gurakuqi” high school in Klina/Klinë. As in previous years, the ICTY Outreach Programme, with support of the Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, will organise presentations in 10 high schools throughout Kosovo, with the focus on towns and regions which have been most affected by crimes committed during the conflict.

Today’s presentation, delivered by the Tribunal’s representative Astrit Lleshi, was attended by 55 students. Astrit began by providing the students with a brief overview of the history of the ICTY, including how and why it was established, its mandate, and numbers of those indicted and convicted by the Tribunal. Following the overview, the students learned about various aspects of the cases specifically related to Kosovo. Astrit also informed the students about the different ways the ICTY has contributed to the development of international criminal law. To illustrate the discussion and to underline some of the main points, the students watched excerpts of the testimony of three witnesses before the Tribunal.

The students had a number of questions for the ICTY representative ranging from the perceived slow pace of the trials to the possibility of compensation in case of an acquittal. Students were also interested to learn more about the witness protection programme.

The ICTY Outreach presentations for high school students in Kosovo will continue tomorrow, with a visit to the Gymnasium in Prizren.