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Outreach documentary premieres in Zagreb

19 March 2014, Zagreb

Some 50 participants today attended a screening in Zagreb of the third Outreach-produced documentary, Through Their Eyes – Witnesses to Justice. The audience in Zagreb's Cineplexx cinema consisted mostly of young people, including high school students, as well as representatives of many Croatian NGOs, the media and the diplomatic community.

The event was organised in co-operation with Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), one of the most important NGOs in Croatia dealing with issues of transitional justice and human rights. Sven Milekić, YIHR's programme coordinator for transitional justice, said after the screening: "It was a pleasure and honour to host this event and we are certainly looking forward to welcoming future Outreach films in Zagreb."

The screening was held on the same day as the roundtable on the protection of witnesses, organised jointly by YIHR and the ICTY Outreach, which gathered national and ICTY experts in Zagreb for discussion of the issues facing local victims and witnesses’ professionals. Some of them, who also attended the subsequent screening, commented about the extraordinary bravery of the witnesses who accepted Outreach's invitation to participate in the film. Another commentator from the audience stressed the humanity of the story told in the documentary and the striking absence of any political comment.

The reception that concluded the event provided an opportunity to discuss on-going and future projects between the Croatian NGOs and the Outreach Programme.