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Outreach presentation on facts established in ICTY cases

Ilidža, 19 December 2013

The Tribunal’s Outreach representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Almir Alić today gave presentation on facts established in ICTY cases to a group of professors, teachers and NGO activists from across BiH, as a part of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republika Srpska project ‘Education for Peace’.

Almir introduced those in attendance to the process of establishing judicial facts, the standard of “beyond reasonable doubt”, and made reference to the broader practice and achievements of the ICTY, as well as the Outreach Programme’s experience in working with young people in the region.

The audience had numerous questions for Almir on how best to use the power of judicial facts in presentations or lessons in schools. Aleksandra Letić, programme coordinator for the Helsinki Committee in Serbia said: “This presentation was extremely useful in that it showed us how we can help these sensitive topics find their place in the educational curriculum. The ICTY is our common reality, and ignoring the needs of the younger generation to objectively learn about its impact and legacy would be unwise.”