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Paving the way to reconciliation through education and tolerance

Živinice, 13 March 2014

“This was a much-needed presentation. I’m surprised that it actually took place in my school, and I’m very happy about it.” This was the reaction of a fourth-year student at the Gymnasium in Živinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), where ICTY Outreach represenative Almir Alić today gave a presentation on the work of the Tribunal and its contribution to transitional justice.

After being introduced to the Tribunal’s mission and achievements, the students shared their thoughts and comments about the work of the Tribunal. They showed great maturity and openness while discussing wartime events in their country, demonstrating the sense of justice common to many young people in the region. The students predominantly expressed the belief that the Tribunal has contributed positively to punishing war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and also that it is possible to achieve reconciliation after such a devastating war, the consequences of which are still being experienced by young people in BiH.     

“Reconciliation can be achieved through education, tolerance and by brining young people from the former Yugoslavia together,” was the conclusion of one of the students, sending out a clear message that presentations like this are welcomed among the young generation – the generation which will surely play a decisive role in the post-conflict recovery of the region.