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Perceptions of the Tribunal improved by Outreach presentation

Istočna Ilidža, 10 April 2014

A presentation given today by Outreach representative Almir Alić at the High School Centre in Istočna Ilidža developed into a two-hour discussion, initiated by the students, about the need to face up to the events of their country’s recent past. Since accountability for perpetrators of war crimes forms an essential part of dealing with the past, Almir used this as a platform to talk to the students in more detail about the work of the Tribunal and about the trials held there.

Once again it was confirmed that open dialogue about issues related to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s wartime past is the best way to include young people in the process of post-conflict recovery. Especially reassuring was the number of students who said after the presentation that their perception of the Tribunal had changed for the better.

During the discussion, a majority of the students voiced their belief in the possibility of reconciliation among communities in the former Yugoslavia, while suggesting that the unconstructive engagement of some politicians, media and victims’ associations are the main obstacles in this process. Judicially established facts, they all agreed, present a good basis for objective discourse on the past and any politicisation of the work of judicial institutions is not welcome.