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Post-Conflict Research Centre interns visit Sarajevo field office

Sarajevo, 4. jun 2014.

The ICTY Sarajevo Field Office today hosted a group of interns from the Post-Conflict Research Centre (PCRC) and presented to them an overview of the most important aspects of the work of the Tribunal, including projects run by its Outreach Programme.

ICTY representative in BiH Almir Alić introduced seven graduate and postgraduate students from France, Canada, Italy and the US to the Tribunal’s mission and its most important achievements in the adjudication of serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in the former Yugoslavia.

The PCRC interns were very keen to learn more about Tribunal’s role in transitional justice processes and the effects of its work on communities in the former Yugoslavia.

Yeree Woo, age 28, from the American University/Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, said: “It was a pleasure to visit the ICTY and learn about its acheivments, as well as the obstacles to acheiving justice in BiH. Hearing the witness and victim testimonies elucidated both the difficulty and importance of these courts for victims.

Jenn Macneill, age 32, from New York University, said: “The Outreach Programme is so important and I feel very privileged to have been able to be here to learn more about the programme and the ICTY. The presentation was very informative, concise and professional.