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Presentation on ICTY held in Third Gymnasium

Sarajevo, 20 October 2014

Students of the Sarajevo Third Gymnasium attended the first in a series of presentations on the ICTY held by their philosophy teacher, Professor M.Sc Sedžida Hadžić. During the war, the gymnasium building suffered extensive damage, being on the frontline of besieged Sarajevo. Today, the gymnasium is a modern building, whose reconstruction is a vivid reminder of the need to restore broken relationships among communities affected by the war. It was therefore very encouraging to see the great interest of the students in war events and serious violations of international humanitarian law, the consequences of which they can still feel two decades after the end of war.

„In order to be this country’s future, we must try understand the past“, said one of the students, Amina Babić, commending the ICTY initiative to have „young people informed about what happened in BiH during the war“. Her fellow student, Aziz Hreljić, said the presentation delivered by his professor was very informative: „I’m really very happy with the presentation. Thank you for giving due attention to such an important topic“.

Professor Hadžić, recently took participated in a workshop organised by Outreach Programme in which she gained additional insight in to the work of the Tribunal. As a result, she will organise several more presentations on ICTY in her school in order to expand the knowledge of as many students as possible about this topic so that they can understand the importance of war crimes trials in facing the past in BiH.

Berina Keč:

„I was very much shaken by today’s presentation was, but it is a type of subject that leaves no one indifferent. The presentation was well done and the functioning of the Tribunal explained in depth. I’ve learned a lot of new things I didn’t know before. It was a great pleasure and honour for me to attend such presentation. “

Feđa Malinović:

„It was a very informative presentation that has awoken my interest in exploring this subject further. Not only in terms of education, but also upbringing. Excellent!“

Ademir Fazlagić:

„A very informative and objective presentation. The structure and the functioning of the tribunal was explained in a very appropriate and uncomplicated way.“