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At the request of the students, a second Gradačac presentation

Gradačac, 16 April  2013

One presentation was not enough for the students of the Mustafa Novalić Gymnasium in the town of Gradačac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Outreach representative Almir Alić travelled to this north-east Bosnian town in February to give a presentation on the work of the ICTY. But the students felt they had much more to learn and asked for a follow-up session, so Almir visited the school again today and gave a further presentation on crimes of wartime sexual violence.

This was followed by a mini moot court exercise during which the students were encouraged to try and apply what they had learned about the principles of international criminal and humanitarian law to help them reach a ‘judgement’ against a fictional accused.

“Such a thorough and complex presentation was just what I hoped for,” said one 18-year-old student, while the gymnasium’s principal called for “the continuation of the cooperation between judicial and educational institutions to help raise students’ awareness of issues related to humanitarian law, which have importance for the region of the former Yugoslavia and the whole world.”