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Senior U.S. Air Force officers visiting ICTY Field Office in Sarajevo

Sarajevo, 4 March 2015


A group of senior officers of the U.S. Air Force War College visited the ICTY Sarajevo Office today as a part of their Regional Cultural Studies. 

Margriet Prins, Head of the ICTY Mission to BiH, introduced them to the latest developments at the ICTY, activities of the Filed Office and cooperation with national judiciary. The guests were particularly interested in experiences of the Outreach Programme presented by the ICTY Registry Liaison Officer in BiH, Almir Alić. 

“What is Tribunal doing to have the truth heard”, a question asked by one of the Colonels, essentially summed up the purpose of the establishment of Tribunal’s Outreach Programme, which is a corner stone of the  institutions relations with the public in the former Yugoslavia.

Answering the question, Almir pointed out that the main task of the Outreach Programme is to explain the work and achievements of the ICTY to the communities in the former Yugoslavia, and to ensure that, after the closure of the Tribunal, its legacy stays relevant for the continuation of the peace-building process in the former Yugoslavia in the future.

The guests were also keen to learn about how the Tribunal is perceived among local communities and about the challenges that the Outreach programme has faced in working with young people in BiH.

American officers thanked the hosts for their comprehensive responses and the detailed information provided, which gave them insight into the work of the Tribunal and pointed to its important role in the post-conflict recovery of the communities in the former Yugoslavia.