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Serbian law students debate the work of the Tribunal

Niš, 27 January 2012

NGO the Belgrade Human Rights Centre (BHRC) today held the first in a planned series of student debates on the legacy of the ICTY. Today’s debate was held at the Law Faculty of Niš University.

Morgiana Brading from the Tribunal’s Belgrade Outreach office was joined at the podium by Novak Vučo from the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor's Office and Nevena Dićić from the BHRC.

Morgiana gave the assembled students an overview of the Tribunal’s work and achievements, and also spoke about the soon-to-open Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT).

The students asked numerous questions, sparking a lively debate. They were interested in command responsibility as a concept, and the MICT and how it will function in practice. There was also a lengthy discussion on the perceptions of the Tribunal in the region of the former Yugoslavia.

In addition, the students were keen to hear from Mr Vučo about the work of the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutors, and whether he and his colleagues faced any safety/security challenges, considering the negative perceptions of their work which prevail in the country.