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Serbian students guided through the workings of an ICTY trial

Kikinda, 16 May 2012

Around 15 fourth-year students from the Dušan Vasiljev Gymnasium in the northern Serbian town of Kikinda today met with Outreach representative Morgiana Brading to learn about the work and achievements of the Tribunal.

Following Morgiana’s presentation, one student asked about the trial of Vojislav Šešelj. As the students’ knowledge of the procedure of an ICTY trial was very limited, Morgiana took them through the process step-by-step. She also took in the contempt trials which have arisen from Šešelj’s war crimes trial, and discussed the rules governing provisional release.

The event in Kikinda is part of a series of high school presentations which the Outreach Programme will undertake in Vojvodina before the end of the current school year. It is hoped that permission will be secured from the Ministry of Education of Serbia to extend the programme to other schools in the country in the next academic year.