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Standing room only at latest high school presentation

Slavonski Brod, 15 May 2012

More than twice the expected number of students turned up for today’s Outreach presentation at the ‘Matija Mesic’ gymnasium in the Croatian town of Slavonski Brod. The 60 students packed into the classroom, with some perching on window ledges or having to stand for the entire time. Nevertheless, the young people all listened attentively to the presentation, with quite a few saying that they wished it had lasted longer.

The students were interested in the Tribunal’s overall mandate, the measures taken for the protection of victims and witnesses, and several other issues about which they knew almost nothing. Several students suggested that more time should be dedicated to studying the Tribunal’s work and achievements in schools.

Ms Emira Miščanćuk, the school’s professor of politics and economy, said after the presentation: “I was very pleased and impressed by this event. It is extremely useful for our students, who do not usually have the opportunity to learn anything about this topic.”

Ms Miščanćuk invited the ICTY to visit the school again in the autumn and give presentations to other groups of students, as well as to students from another school in Slavonski Brod where she also teaches. In addition, she inquired about the possibility of her students visiting the ICTY Zagreb office and having a presentation there.