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Students in Štrpce/Shterpce discussing the work of the ICTY

Shterpce/Štrpce, 22 October 2013

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (YIHR KS) today gave the latest in a series of high school presentations organised in conjunction with ICTY Outreach. Today’s presentation was held at the Kongresi i Manastirit school in the town of Štrpce/Shtërpcë.

32 students gathered together to learn about the work and achievements of the Tribunal. The presenters took the young people through some basic information about the ICTY – establishment, mandate, facts and figures from the trials, etc. – before moving on to more specific discussions about cases involving Kosovo, the importance of giving a voice to the victims of crimes, the fight against impunity and the global spread of international criminal justice.

The students told the YIHR KS staff that the ICTY and international justice in general were not subjects that had ever been covered in their school. They therefore had a large number of questions for the presenters, covering subjects as varied as the protection of witnesses, the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure and Evidence, and the two trials involving former Kosovo Liberation Army members, Haradinaj et al. and Limaj et al.

The school’s principal was in attendance throughout and concluded the event by praising the presentation and inviting the YIHR KS team to return to the school to give similar talks in future.