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Students given ‘excellent’ presentation

Pristina/Priština, 26 March 2012

37 students from the ‘Eqrem Çabej’ Gymnasium in Pristina/Priština today attended a presentation by Kosovo Outreach representative Shkelzen Dhomi. The two-hour multi-media presentation focused on the work and achievements of the ICTY, with particular attention paid to cases relating to Kosovo.

Following the presentation, the students participated in Q&A session during which the main points of interest were the re-trial of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) members Ramush Haradinaj, Idriz Balaj and Lahi Brahimaj, and the Limaj et al case, which also involved the KLA. The students were shown a clip of the testimony of Vojko Bakrač from the latter case. Bakrač and his son Ivan were kidnapped by the KLA and held in the Llapushnik/Lapušnik prison camp. The students appeared fascinated by the testimony, as it is very rare for them to hear about crimes committed against – rather than by - Serbs in Kosovo, and also because Ivan Bakrač was of a similar age to them during his ordeal.

A large majority of the students rated the presentation as ‘Excellent’ on their evaluation forms, and as they headed to their next lesson, Shkelzen provided the students with various handouts and encouraged them to consult the ICTY’s website and social media pages to learn more about daily work of the Tribunal.