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Students in Gospić fascinated by ICTY proceedings

Gospić, 5 March 2013

20 fourth-grade students and a history teacher from a Gospić high school today attended a presentation on the work and achievements of the ICTY given by ICTY Outreach representative Klara Dokmanović. Gospić, located in a mountainous and sparsely populated region of Croatia, suffered numerous artillery attacks by Serbian forces during the war, leaving a large part of the town in ruins. The Croatian army regained control of the area in an operation in September 1993, allegedly blighted by serious violence against civilians.

The students had a number of questions about the different stages of proceedings before the Tribunal, from investigations through to appeals. They also asked questions about command responsibility, whereby a senior officer can be held liable for acts committed those under his authority.

After the presentation, one student said that he regretted it had not been longer, since the topics discussed were so interesting and raised such an abundance of material for discussion.