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Students in Pristina get to know the ICTY

Pristina, 23 October 2013

One of the top high schools in Kosovo, the Sami Frashëri Gymnasium in Pristina, today played host to staff from the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (YIHR KS), who gave a multimedia presentation on the work and achievements of the ICTY.

The presentation gave an overview of the Tribunal’s work from its establishment 20 years ago through to the present day. In order to help the students understand the Tribunal’s link to their own lives, the YIHR staff also focused on trials specifically related to crimes committed in Kosovo.

While some of the students had a better than average level of knowledge about the Tribunal, all of them were keen to learn more. A number of the young attendees spoke up about their belief in the importance of ending impunity and the necessity of bringing justice to the victims of wartime crimes. One student spoke about how important he found the ICTY’s neutrality and its independence from the states of the former Yugoslavia.

The feedback received at the end of the event was extremely positiveand the teacher in attendance expressed an interest in organising similar presentations in the school in future.