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Students from York introduced to the work of the ICTY

Sarajevo, 24 November 2014

Students of Post-Conflict Recovery Studies Programme at the University of York visited the ICTY Field Office in Sarajevo and met with Outreach Programme representative in BiH, Almir Alić. Almir introduced the students to the work and achievements of the Tribunal and after the introductory presentation the students discussed the importance of holding trials for purpetrators of war crimes committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Visitors from York posed numerous questions to Almir dealing with issued from victims’ rights to reparations, the process of return to their pre-war homes, preventing convicted war criminals from entering political arena after they have served their sentences, victims’ right to truth and memorialization, and other activities central for the recovery of all communities affected by the conflict. in the students were particular interested to learn about the experiences of the Tribunal’s Outreach programme in working with local communities.

Dr Alexandra Lewis, professor with the University of York, expressed her satisfaction with the visit to the ICTY office in BiH by saying: “I sincerely thank you for the excellent and very informative presentation. I hope the University of York and ICTY will continue to cooperate and share knowledge in future.“

In continuation of their study visit to BiH, the students of the University of York will also visit Banja Luka and Mostar to expand their experiences related to the post-conflict studies.

Amber Gibson, age 30 years, University of York, SAD:
“I learned new information about the war crimes and subsequent trials. Your organization is doing amazing work for the BiH community and it was a joy to meet you.”

Martha Williams, age 23, University of York, UK:
“Very informative and understanding presentation highlighting the broad range of issues ICTY has covered. The Outreach Programme has been good to learn about.”

Shotaro Ono, University of York, Japan:
“The outreach and the education of high school and university students was impressive, especially the change of perception of students was surprising. It shows us that young people are still living in the world of limited information.”