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Tribunal hosts visit for judiciary delegation from Kosovo

The Hague |

A group of judiciary members from the Kosovo region travelled to the ICTY today to garner valuable technical expertise from the Tribunal’s twenty-two years of war crimes trial experience.

During their visit the group met with Chief of the ICTY Court Support Services Section Gregory Townsend who informed them about the structure, mandate and the achievements of the Tribunal as well as challenges presented by complex war crimes cases. The challenges discussed included: providing adequate protection and support to witnesses; budget and time constraints; creating effective collaboration between regional and international team members; and logistical concerns, such as evidence-gathering strategies.

In addition the group met with Senior Director in the ICTY Audiovisual Section Rob Barsony, who delivered an in-courtroom presentation explaining how the new innovations within the Tribunal’s AV system have become an integral part of ensuring timely and fair proceedings. Barsony presented the various in-courtroom witness protection measures, the “E-Court” system for streamlining electronic presentation of evidence, the transcription and video recording process, along with other creative technological resources. “Broadcast is the most open widow to see justice proceed,” Barsony remarked, “We are proud to be part of the legal evolutionary process.”