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Ukraine activists introduced to the work of the Tribunal

Sarajevo |

At the invitation of the Sarajevo Peace Academy, ICTY representative Almir Alić, today held a presentation about the work of the Tribunal and its achievements for a group of 10 Ukrainian activists who are attending the academy. The activists are involved in the field of transitional justice

Almir introduced the guests to the Tribunal’s mandate, major achievements and gave an overview of cases before the Tribunal, including the ongoing cases marking the final years of the work of this judicial institution.

The group showed great interest in the judicial component to the transitional justice processes asking numerous questions about the work of the Tribunal, its interaction with other judicial bodies, but also with other actors in this process. Some of the questions related to the Tribunal’s mandate and the type of crimes falling within its jurisdiction. The Academy participants were also keen to learn more about protection measures which are available to witnesses testifying before the Tribunal.

Yevsieiev Oleksandr, an activist from the Kharkiv region, found the presentation very useful, pointing out that it “combined the theory of international law with practical experiences from Tribunal’s work”.