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Višegrad high school students express great interest in the work of the ICTY

Višegrad, 17 April 2012

Thirty-three students from the Ivo Andrić high school in Višegrad, eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, showed a great deal of interest in a recent ICTY presentation, which eventually ran well beyond its initially planned two hours. A group of students even stayed behind after school hours, eager to learn more about the Tribunal’s activities.

The students were particularly interested in cases which dealt with their local municipalities, but also wanted to know more about the Tribunal’s mandate and sentencing practices, as well as the individualisation of guilt and sanctions relating to false testimony and contempt of court.

“Ignorance creates a gap between people of different nationalities. Therefore, such presentations are welcome as they offer facts about wartime events. That contributes to better understanding among people and creates the conditions for reconciliation and co-existence,” said one fourth-year student.

Another student suggested that violence is not the answer to disagreements among people and that any lingering resentment should be put aside for the sake of reconciliation.

One 18-year-old student stated that reconciliation is possible and can be achieved through forgiveness and recognition of crimes.

Inspired by the presentation and subsequent discussion, another student expressed a desire to learn more about international humanitarian law. She said that she would be going to university in the autumn, and now very much hoped she would be able to study this particular branch of law.