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Vitez students find Tribunal a ‘positive’ force

Vitez, 27 March 2012

31 fourth-year high school students in Vitez, central Bosnia and Herzegovina, were today introduced to the work and achievements of the ICTY by Outreach representative Almir Alić.

The two-hour multi-media presentation was followed by an animated discussion on a number of issues related to Tribunal’s work. Of particular interest to the young audience were sentencing practices, early release, the UN Detention Unit and crimes against humanity in general. The students also had a chance to inquire about individual ICTY cases, including those related to crimes committed in their local area.

A majority of the students said that the Tribunal’s contribution to the punishment of crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia had been a positive one, and that they believed that without the Tribunal many serious crimes would have gone unpunished. The students also recognised the role that young people, such as themselves, needed to play in the process of reconciliation.

Once the discussion had concluded, the students were provided with additional information material and encouraged to visit the Tribunal’s web page and social media sites.