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Rasim Delić granted temporary provisional release



Press Release
(Exclusively for the use of the media. Not an official document)

The Hague, 26 November 2007

JP/MOW/ PR1198e

The Trial Chamber confirmed on 23 November its oral decision granting Rasim Delić temporary provisional release, under certain conditions and restrictions, to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina from 11 December 2007 until 11 January 2008 .

The accused filed a confidential motion for provisional release on 19 November. The Prosecution made no objection and the motion was granted orally by the Trial Chamber on 20 November.

Delić is the former Commander of the Main Staff of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina (ABiH). The indictment against him alleges that as Commander of the Main Staff he had overall authority and responsibility for the functioning of the ABiH and is therefore criminally responsible for acts and omissions carried out by his subordinates. The trial against Delić began on 9 July 2007
and the Prosecution is expected to complete its case-in-chief by early next year.

In its decision to grant provisional release, the Trial Chamber notes, amongst other points, that Delić voluntarily surrendered to the Tribunal as soon as he was aware of the indictment against him, that he has co-operated with the Prosecution and that the government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has issued guarantees that Delić will comply with all orders
issued by the Trial Chamber. It further notes the personal guarantee by the accused to return to the custody of the ICTY before the resumption of his trial and to generally comply with any order issued by the Trial Chamber.

The full text of the Trial Chamber's decision can be found on the Tribunal's website at