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Since the ICTY’s closure on 31 December 2017, the Mechanism maintains this website as part of its mission to preserve and promote the legacy of the UN International Criminal Tribunals.

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In Numbers

(As of September 2016)

Since the Tribunal started its work, 78 individuals, or 48% of the 161 accused, had charges of sexual violence included in their indictments.

32 individuals convicted

As of September 2016, 32 individuals have been convicted for their responsibility for crimes of sexual violence, as defined under Article 7(1) of the ICTY Statute*. Four of them were additionally convicted for failing to prevent or punish the actual perpetrators of the crimes, under Article 7(3) of the Statute**.

Accused Name

(for all convictions incl. those for sexual violence)

Individual responsibility under Article 7(1)

Superior responsibility under Article 7(3)

Case Name

Predrag Banović

8 years’ imprisonment



Miroslav Bralo

20 years’ imprisonment



Radoslav Brđanin

30 years’ imprisonment



Ranko Češić

18 years’ imprisonment



Vlastimir Đorđević

18 years’ imprisonment



Anto Furundžija

10 years’ imprisonment



Momčilo Krajišnik

20 years’ imprisonment



Radislav Krstić

35 years’ imprisonment



Dragoljub Kunarac

28 years’ imprisonment


Kunarac et al.

Radomir Kovač

20 years’ imprisonment


Zoran Vuković

12 years’ imprisonment


Dragoljub Prcać

5 years’ imprisonment


Kvočka et al.

Milojica Kos

6 years’  imprisonment


Mlađo Radić

20 years’ imprisonment


Milan Martić

35 years’ imprisonment



Hazim Delić

18 years’ imprisonment


Mucić et al.

Zdravko Mucić

9 years’ imprisonment

Esad Landžo

15 years’ imprisonment


Dragan Nikolić

20 years’ imprisonment



Biljana Plavšić

11 years’ imprisonment



Ivica Rajić

12 years’ imprisonment



Nebojša Pavković

22 years’ imprisonment


Šainović et al.

Duško Sikirica

15 years’ imprisonment

Sikirica et al.

Damir Došen

5 years’ imprisonment

Dragan Kolundžija

3 years’ imprisonment

Milan Simić

5 years’ imprisonment



Milomir Stakić

40 years’ imprisonment



Duško Tadić

20 years’ imprisonment



Stevan Todorović

10 years’ imprisonment



Dragan Zelenović

15 years’ imprisonment



Mićo Stanišić

22 years’ imprisonment


Stanišić & Župljanin

Stojan Župljanin

22 years’ imprisonment


*: Article 7(1) of the Statute addresses the issue of individual criminal responsibility. The first paragraph defines “A person who planned, instigated, ordered, committed or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of a crime referred to in articles 2 to 5 of the present Statute, shall be individually responsible for the crime”.

**: Article 7(3): “The fact that any of the acts referred to in articles 2 to 5 of the present Statute was committed by a subordinate does not relieve his superior of criminal responsibility if he knew or had reason to know that the subordinate was about to commit such acts or had done so and the superior failed to take the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such acts or to punish the perpetrators thereof”.

14 withdrawn indictments or accused deceased before trial

5 individuals had their indictments withdrawn

Accused Name

Case Name

Mirko Babić

Mejakić et al.

Nenad Banović

Predrag Kostić


Blagoje Simić

Simić et al.


9 individuals died prior to the end of their trial or before their transfer to the Tribunal

Accused Name

Case Name

Momir Talić


Simo Drljača

Drljača & Kovačević

Milan Kovačević

Slobodan Milošević


Vlajko Stojiljković

Šainović et al.

Željko Ražnatović


Janko Janjić

Zelenović et al.

Dragan Gagović

Goran Hadžić


14 individuals acquitted of sexual violence charges

Accused Name

Case Name

Zejnil Delalić

Mucić et al.

Rasim Delić


Ramush Haradinaj

Haradinaj et al.

Idriz Balaj

Lahi Brahimaj

Miroslav Kvočka

Kvočka et al.

Zoran Žigić

Nikola Šainović*

Šainović et al. (formerly Milutinović et al.)

Milan Milutinović

Vladimir Lazarević

Sreten Lukić*

Dragoljub Ojdanić

Miroslav Radić

Mrkšić et al.

Mile Mrkšić

Veselin Šljivančanin

Vlastimir Đorđević


*: Šainović and Lukić Found guilty of crimes of sexual violence through participation in the Joint Criminal Enterprise, but no conviction entered for these charges.

11 individuals in ongoing proceedings

*MICT proceedings

1 accused at trial stage

Accused Name

Case Name

Ratko Mladić


2 accused in retrial

Accused Name

Case Name

Jovica Stanišić

Stanišić & Simatović* (Retrial under jurisdiction of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals)

Franko Simatović

8 accused before the Appeals Chamber

Accused Name

Case Name

Radovan Karadžić

Karadžić (Appeal under jurisdiction of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals)

Vojislav Šešelj

Šešelj (Appeal under jurisdiction of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals)

Jadranko Prlić

Prlić et al.

Bruno Stojić

Slobodan Praljak

Milivoj Petković

Valentin Ćorić

Berislav Pušić

6 individuals referred to a national jurisdiction

Accused Name

Case Name

Gojko Janković

Janković & Stanković

Radovan Stanković

Željko Mejakić

Mejakić et al.

Momčilo Gruban

Duško Knežević

Dušan Fuštar