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BiH Judges and prosecutors visited the ICTY

The Hague, 13 November 2014

A group of 12 judges and prosecutors from the BiH courts visited the ICTY today. The group met with the ICTY Outreach Officer, Nenad Golčevski, in the public gallery of one of the ICTY’s courtrooms. Nenad explained to the visitors how the trials are prepared logistically, how they play out in the courtroom and the procedures and roles of all participants in the process. Following this brief presentation, a dynamic question and answer session ensued.

The visitors were eager to know more about the ICTY’s witness protection programme, life in the Detention Unit, the handling of evidence by the court and specific information about particular cases tried before the Tribunal. Several questions dealt with the work of the Outreach Programme and the guests stressed the difference that the Programme makes, especially to victims, through its role as “A bridge between The Hague and the region”.

A large part of the discussion focused on the upcoming closure of the ICTY and the role of the MICT as its successor. Nenad explained that MICT’s functions will include handling appeals, enforcement of sentences, protection of witnesses as well as maintenance and accessibility of the ICTY archive. The guests recognised the importance of maintaining and strengthening the ICTY legacy.

The visit was organised by BiH Embassy in co-operation with the ICTY Outreach Programme.