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Since the ICTY’s closure on 31 December 2017, the Mechanism maintains this website as part of its mission to preserve and promote the legacy of the UN International Criminal Tribunals.

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Date Activity/Event Stakeholders

6 December,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian intellectuals gain insight into the notion of genocide

Council of the Congress of Bosnian Intellectuals (VKBI) in Sarajevo met with the Outreach representative, following VKBI criticism of some of the ICTY genocide-related acquittals and indictment reductions. They were handed a selection of ICTY materials and received an overview of the Tribunal’s cases and judgements. The Outreach representative talked about the legal definition of genocide and its use in the context of armed conflict and war crimes in BiH.

The meeting was hosted by the Council of the Congress of Bosnian Intellectuals

> small group of VKBI members, including distinguished academics and  VKBI chairperson

5-6 December, The Hague

Visit of the Serbian Witness Protection Commission

High-level representatives of the Serbian Witness Protection Commission came to the Tribunal on a two-day visit to see the ICTY practices in witness protection and discuss challenges of their work with the ICTY professionals. The leading role in this study trip was taken by the ICTY Victims and Witnesses Section, but also meetings with the OTP and Chambers officials were held.

This visit was organised by the OSCE Mission to Serbia

> the Serbian delegation included the Chairman and five members of the Witness Protection Commission


Presentations to Kosovo high school students

Outreach started a round of presentations about the ICTY for the academic year 2006/7, commencing with meetings in eleven high schools in Kosovo. Pupils and a number of teachers received pens with the ICTY internet address.

The project was implemented in cooperation with the Kosovo Ministry of Education

> 295 pupils in eleven schools in Kosovo, in: Kaçanik /Kačanik, Hani i Elezit/ Đeneral Janković, Obiliq/Obilić, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Podujevë/Podujevo, Pejë/Peć, Viti/Vitina, Vushtri/Vučitrn

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Donation to the BiH State Court library

The Sarajevo Outreach office delivered a large supplementary collection of ICTY judgements to the library of the BiH State Court.

The donation was organised by the ICTY Outreach

> BiH State Court lawyers

27 November,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Briefing on the ICTY cases transferred to BiH

Outreach participated in a briefing on the OSCE monitoring of the cases transferred from the ICTY to BiH. The meeting concentrated on the necessity not to overstep the balance between monitoring and interference with the judges' discretion.

The meeting was organised by the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina

> ten officials from international organisations (including the Council of Europe) and embassies (including the USA)

20 November,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian NGOs gain insight into ICTY role in facing the past

Criminal justice in the context of facing the past - the experience of the ICTY Outreach Programme was the topic of a four-hour session led by the Outreach representative for NGO activists from the region. During the session, the participants understood the mandate and goals of the ICTY, advantages and shortcomings of criminal proceedings, and the meaning of key legal concepts, and gained practical tools to search for ICTY documents.

The session was held in a workshop organized by the Sarajevo-based Center for Non-violent Action

> 16 NGO activists from the former Yugoslavia

6 November,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Outreach book “Crime and Punishment” promoted

The Sarajevo Outreach office co-organised the promotion of the book “Crime and Punishment”, a publication for the general public about the Bosnian cases at the ICTY, co-produced by the Outreach programme. The event was covered well in the media and generated additional interest in the publications. A re-run print of “Crime and Punishment” in Bosnian was planned for beginning of 2007.

The publication was made possible by the Open Society Fund

> legal practitioners, media, academics, general public

28-29 September,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Roundtable on the ICTY legacy

ICTY Spokesperson participated in the seminar “War Crimes and the Media” where he moderated a session on the Tribunal legacy in the context of transitional justice developments in the region. A discussion on Tribunal's achievements ensued, with certain specific cases being addressed (Orić, Krajišnik, Milošević). In addition, the role of the media in presenting a more complete picture of Tribunal's achievements was discussed.

The seminar was organised by Transitions Online and NetNovinar

> journalists, academics and NGO representatives from BiH, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia, including e.g. Helsinki Committee in Republika Srpska, weeklies “Vreme” (Serbia) and “Feral Tribune” (Croatia)

23 September,
Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Conference on the Prijedor crimes

ICTY judge Wolfgang Schomburg was the main speaker at the conference "War Crimes and their Legacy - How to Build New Prijedor?", where he engaged in a discussion with the audience and answered questions. The judge later visited the Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje camps accompanied by victim representatives. The Outreach Officer in Bosnia and Herzegovina gave an overview of Prijedor-related ICTY cases at the conference.  Extensive materials were provided to the audience, including a compilation of case sheets and legal documents, account of the facts established about the crimes in Prijedor, interactive CD-roms, etc. The conference attracted much media attention, featuring among the top evening news stories on major television channels, and covered in several newspapers.

The conference was organised by the victim association Izvor from Prijedor

> around 80 participants

19 September,
The Hague

Visit of Kosovo civil servants

The group visited the Tribunal as part of a special programme for young Kosovar civil servants dealing with European affairs and international relations. They learnt about the mandate and challenges of the ICTY work, and had a special insight into the work of the Office of the Prosecutor and Outreach, as well as the cases related to Kosovo.

The visit was organized by the Clingendael Institute for International Relations

> 15 civil servants of the Provisional Institutions of Self-government (PISG) from Kosovo

18 September,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lecture for BiH defence lawyers

The Outreach representative lectured at a training course for BiH lawyers, speaking about the establishment, jurisdiction and completion strategy of the Tribunal, as well the existing sources and procedures for accessing official ICTY documents. Diverse ICTY materials were distributed.

The seminar was organised by Court of BiH Criminal Defence Section (OKO)

> defence lawyers from the Court of BiH

15-17 September,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Victim reparation conference

The Outreach representative participated in a conference on victim reparations where he gave a presentation, reviewing how the criminal justice delivered by the ICTY correlated with the various forms of reparation defined in international documents. Copies of the ICTY judges’ 2000 report “Victims’ Compensation and Participation” were distributed.

The conference was organised by the BiH Union of former Camp Detainees and the Bosnian Croat Association of former Camp Detainees in Sarajevo

> representatives of camp detainees association

20 July,
Zagreb, Croatia

Croatian NGOs discuss witness protection

Witness protection and support was the focus of the coordination meeting of Croatian NGOs dealing with war crime issues. Head of ICTY Office in Croatia spoke about witness protection as an element safeguarding the integrity of judicial proceedings, and underscored the state responsibility to create the climate conducive to the witnesses being willing to testify. He also spoke about the difference between witness protection and support and about the rights of witnesses. Participants noted that apart from the legal framework in place, there were no concrete witness support activities.

The meeting was organised by ICTY Outreach, Zagreb-based Human Rights Centre and NGO Documenta

> representatives of NGOs, relevant authorities (incl. the Ministry of Justice), and international organisations (incl. the OSCE Mission to Croatia)

10-12 July,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visit of the ICTY Registrar to Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICTY Registrar Hans Holthuis paid a working visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the first day, the Registrar spent over an hour in the village of Grabovica with family members of civilians killed there by BiH Army troops in September 1993. The Registrar talked about the Trial Chamber judgement in the case of Sefer Halilović who was acquitted of this crime. The villagers shared with the Registrar their concerns over missing persons, return of refugees and prosecution of war criminals. The Registrar then visited the BiH State Court, where he met with the Deputy Registrar and handed over a certified electronic collection of ICTY judgements on CDs. The visit was widely covered in the media.

The visit was organised by the ICTY Outreach

> 25 villagers from Grabovica (victim community), BiH Court, general public

29 - 31 June,
The Hague

Visit of Bosnian judges

Bosnian judges from local courts received a comprehensive three-day programme, focused on court management and e-court, transfer of cases and the ICTY cooperation with the region in the view of supporting local war crimes prosecutions. The visitors also attended court sessions, and were given a tour of a courtroom.

The visit was organised by USAID and Asser Institute

> 13 Judges from the Municipal Courts of Sarajevo, Mostar, Konjić, Čapljina, Basic Courts from Banja Luka, Derventa and the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH

11 June,
Potočari, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Outreach in conference about Srebrenica genocide

The Outreach representative attended a conference “Justice for victims” in Potočari near Srebrenica, organised by the NGO Mothers of Srebrenica and Žepa Enclaves. Topics included criminal proceedings at the BiH State Court, BiH-Serbia genocide case at the International Court of Justice, and missing persons. Outreach provided extensive handout materials, including case information sheets on the completed Srebrenica cases, ICTY exhumation report, multimedia CD-roms. Outreach representative urged witnesses, including Serbs, to come forward to assist court proceedings.

The conference was organised by the NGO Mothers of Srebrenica and Žepa Enclaves

> around 100 victims, students, international and government officials, NGO activists from BiH and Serbia

6, 21 June,
Sarajevo and Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lectures to the BiH defence lawyers


The Outreach representative gave lectures at two training seminars of the BiH State Court’s Criminal Defence Section (OKO). An introduction to the ICTY was followed by a presentation of different forms of transfer of cases and a detailed discussion of one Rule 11bis Decision rendered by the Referral Bench. Working materials were distributed.

The seminar was organised by Court of BiH Criminal Defence Section (OKO)

> defence lawyers from the Court of  BiH

1-2 June,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICTY Outreach representative chairs conference of BiH judges and prosecutors

ICTY Outreach representative in BiH chaired the main part of the first country-wide conference for BiH judges and prosecutors on war crimes issues - “War Crimes Proceedings in BiH – Achievements and Challenges”. He also gave brief presentations on judicial notice, war crimes and crimes against humanity in ICTY’s jurisprudence.

The conference was organised by UNDP in BiH in association with the BiH Centre for Judicial and Prosecutorial Training

> more than a hundred judges and prosecutors in war crimes cases from BiH

Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Crime and Punishment” - landmark publication on ICTY cases

The first-ever publication for general public on ICTY cases, was penned at the Tribunal, produced by the Open Society Fund (OSF) and published in Sarajevo. The 140-page publication “Crime and Punishment” contained summaries of charges and judgements in all completed and ongoing ICTY cases regarding crimes committed in BiH. The Outreach Sarajevo office produced majority of the publication’s contents. The initial print of 2000 copies was distributed across BiH and Serbia. A book launch was organised in the autumn (see: Outreach book “Crime and Punishment” promoted – 6 November). In addition, 200 copies were printed in English.

The publication was funded by the Open Society Fund

> general public, lawyers, public officials, journalists, NGOs, students of international criminal law

25 May, Tuzla,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Talking to victims in Tuzla

The Outreach BiH representative visited Tuzla at the invitation of a victim group formed by the wounded and the families of those killed on 25 May 1995 when a shell hit the popular Kapija square in the centre of town. They visited the blast site and the memorial where most of the victims were buried, and participated in a panel discussion titled “Why is Justice Slow?” Outreach representative conveyed to the audience that the Kapija shelling was not part of the investigations of the ICTY, and that one dossier had been reviewed under the Rules of the Road procedure and returned to the BiH Prosecutor’s Office. Outreach also met with the Mayor of Tuzla and took part in a 45-minute one-to-one studio interview with the Tuzla Canton TV.

The visit was organised by ICTY Outreach in cooperation with local authorities and memorial groups

> Tuzla victims and their families, local authorities, general public in Tuzla

19 May,
Pristina, Kosovo

Donation to the Kosovo National Library

Outreach delivered 359 copies of assorted ICTY publications for archiving in the Kosovo National Library.

The donation was organized by the ICTY Outreach

> Kosovo lawyers, students of international law, general public

15-17 May,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visit of the ICTY President to Sarajevo

Judge Fausto Pocar, President of the ICTY, paid a visit to Sarajevo. The focus of the visit was the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where President Pocar had a tour of the court and detention premises, attended a trial session, met with President of the Court, and held a roundtable discussion with judges of the State Court. President Pocar also met afterwards with the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the High Representative, and other top level politicians and victim representatives. ICTY President visit was positively noted by BiH media, ranking among the top news items.

The visit was organised by the ICTY Outreach

> Court of BiH, top BiH politicians, victims’ associations (esp. Izvor and BiH Union of the former Camp Detainees), general public

5-6 May,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICTY Prosecutor and judge at conference about establishing the truth

Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte and Judge Wofgang Schomburg were leading guests at an international conference entitled "Establishing the Truth in the Aftermath of Conflict: Current Initiatives and Perspectives in the west Balkans”. The most heated debate was generated by the proposed initiative to establish a Truth Commission for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conference was organised by the NGOs: Humanitarian Law Center (Belgrade), Research Documentation Center (Sarajevo) and Documenta (Zagreb)

> NGOs, academics, politicians, media

Bosnia and Herzegovina

TV airs series on ICTY “Bridging the Gap” conferences

In May BHT1 television started broadcasting the series of five documentaries titled “Bridging the Gap between the ICTY and local communities in BiH”. The documentaries - based on the series of ICTY conferences held in 2004 and 2005 - presented facts on war crimes committed in the Bosnian towns of Brčko, Foča, Konjic, Srebrenica and Prijedor. ICTY investigators, prosecutors and court staff described the process of justice from the investigations through indictments and trials to court findings and final judgements. In June and July, RTRS television broadcast the series in Republika Srpska.

The series was produced in cooperation between ICTY Outreach and XY Films

> general public in Bosnia and Herzegovina

26 April,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marking the start of a prominent trial in Mostar

On the first day of the trial in Prlić et al. case, where the Bosnian Croat leadership was charged with crimes in Mostar and the surrounding areas, the Outreach representative spoke at a local weekly press briefing of international organisations. He outlined the charges against the accused, explained the trial proceedings, and the obligation of the journalists not to disclose the identity of protected witnesses. Documents relating to the case were distributed to the journalists.

The briefing was coordinated by the ICTY Outreach

> international organisations, media in Mostar

21 April,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lecture on ICTY partnership with the local courts

Outreach representative held a presentation on partnership and transition between the ICTY and National Courts at a conference organised in Sarajevo. Presentation was followed by an intensive Q&A session. An ICTY victim and Witness Officer also spoke at the conference during a session on witness support. The participants pointed out that the progress made in this field at the BiH State Court had widened the gap in relation to the cantonal and district courts, which had few facilities.

The conference was organised by the International Commission on Missing Persons

> around 40 victim representatives, and a dozen cantonal and district judges and prosecutors from all over BiH

10,12,13 April,
Banja Luka, Mostar and Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Roundtables on end of impunity as condition for better future


The Outreach representative spoke at roundtable discussions in the three Bosnian cities about the Tribunal’s mandate, structure, achievements and completion strategy. Other speakers were President of the BiH State Court, Political Advisor of the NATO HQ in Sarajevo, and Political Advisor at EUFOR. The discussions, titled “War Criminals – an Obstacle for our Future” were televised by BHT1, Bosnia’s public broadcaster, and three one-hour compilations were transmitted afterwards. This was an excellent opportunity to reach out directly to a large part of Bosnia’s young adults and dispel many myths about the work of the ICTY.

The roundtables were organised by EUFOR and NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, in cooperation with the NGO Center for Security Studies

> university students, 15-20 of them in each of the three towns

31 March – 1 April,
Split, Croatia

Journalists learn about reporting on the ICTY

A seminar on the ICTY gathered Croatian journalists during a conference titled “Reporting on war crimes trials at the ICTY and domestic courts”. The Outreach representative spoke about access to information about the Tribunal, witness protection and contempt of court. ICTY was also represented by the OTP Spokesperson.

The conference was organised by the Zagreb-based NGO Documenta

> Croatian journalists of local electronic and print media, journalists form Serbia and BiH who report on ICTY and domestic war crimes cases; observers were sent by local NGOs, OSCE and UNHCR

28 March,
The Hague

Visit of students from Serbia and Montenegro

The one day visit included an introduction to the ICTY and cases of interest to Serbian and Montenegrin public. The group also had a tour of the courtroom to get acquainted with the audio and video technology, and viewed court proceedings. The students visited the ICTY as part of their study visit to various European institutions.

The visit was organized by the Serbian NGO Youth Initiative for Sustainable Development from Kragujevac

> 67 students from Serbia and Montenegro

27 March,
Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Outreach in Prijedor after the final judgement in the Stakić case

The Outreach representative undertook several activities to promote the significance of the recent Appeals Chamber judgement in the case of Milomir Stakić, wartime civilian leader in Prijedor. On the day of the judgement, 22 March, the representative appeared live on the evening news of the national public broadcaster, to explain the judgement. A few days later, he travelled to Prijedor and held an intense two-hour discussion with a group of eight victims who represented a number of local victim groups. In Prijedor, the Outreach representative also gave a 25-minute interview to the local radio. Outreach used these opportunities to underline that the Stakic judgement confirmed that a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing was conducted in Prijedor in 1992, and that Stakić played a key role in it. Outreach explained the genocide acquittal by pointing out to the legal requirements of genocide, the difference in factual findings between Prijedor and Srebrenica, and underlining that persecution could be viewed as the most serious crime after genocide.

The visits were organised by the ICTY Outreach

> general public and specifically victims from Prijedor

20-23 March,
The Hague

 Visit from the Serbian Supreme Court

The representatives of the Supreme Court from Serbia paid a three-day visit to the Tribunal, with the program introducing the Tribunal judicial achievements and best practices, and strongly concentrating on the specificity of a judicial institution’s work with the media and outreach.

The visit was sponsored by the Belgrade office of the UN Development Programme

> Supreme Court  of Serbia officials: Adviser for International Cooperation, and Spokesperson

20 March,
Belgrade, Serbia

 Transparency of ICTY trials

The Outreach representative was a speaker during a conference on the transparency of trials. Other speakers included the Head of the local OSCE Mission, Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor and the President of the BiH Court. In addition to the Outreach remarks about the ICTY information efforts aimed at the former Yugoslavia, an open letter on the importance of conducting trials in a transparent matter signed by the Tribunal’s President, Prosecutor and Registrar, was read out.

The conference was organised by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights and the OSCE Mission to Serbia and Montenegro

> around 80 participants, including representatives of the court for Sierra Leone, Serbian and Croatian judiciary,   journalists (B92, BIRN, RTV Serbia)

8 March,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICTY briefing for EUFOR

Outreach gave a general presentation on the ICTY at a conference hosted by the EUFOR legal advisory section in Sarajevo. Briefing packages containing a selection of various information sheets were provided.

The briefing was organised in co-ordination with EUFOR

> around 50 military legal advisors from EUFOR countries

1-3 March,
The Hague

Visit of Serbian judiciary working on war crimes cases

The visiting group included a variety of judicial officials from three Serbian institutions involved in war crimes cases: War Crimes Chamber, Supreme Court and the War Crimes Prosecutor Office. During a three-day programme, the guests shared their experiences in working on war crimes cases, met with the ICTY principals - President, Prosecutor and Registrar - gained an insight into the Tribunal's work with witnesses and evidence and held a roundtable discussion with some ICTY judges.

The visit was sponsored by the Department of Justice at the  US Embassy in Belgrade

> War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević; President of the War Crimes Chamber of the Belgrade District Court Siniša Važić accompanied by judges and prosecutors from the Chamber; a Supreme Court Judge, and the Head of the Witness Protection Unit

March – May,

Presentations for Kosovo high-school students

Outreach finalized its 2005/6 academic year presentations for high-school students in Kosovo. The topics presented covered the following broad areas: The reasons for creating the ICTY; How the Tribunal is structured and how it functions; How the indictments and investigations are compiled; What happens after the Tribunal closes. Without exception, all the feedback forms signed by participants marked the presentations as “excellent” or “very good”. The presentations were incorporated into the “Civic Education” syllabus.

The project was implemented in cooperation with the Kosovo Ministry of Education

> a dozen presentations were given in high schools (gymnasium-type), to some 500 pupils in the 17-19 year age range, in towns like: Prishtinë/Priština, Lipjan, Ferizaj/Uroševac, Podjuevë/Podujevo, Mitrvicë/Mitrovica, Gllogoc/Glogovac, Prizren, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Suharekë/Suha Reka, Kaçanik/Kačanik

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Donation of IT equipment

A shipment of the Tribunal’s 306 used computers reached Bosnia and Herzegovina and was donated to schools, youth centers and NGOs in the Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The AidNet Foundation, a humanitarian organisation based in Sarajevo, which distributed the computers to the end-user organizations. The equipment was transported from The Hague to Sarajevo by Voerman International moving company, free of charge. This was the 24th donation made by the ICTY over the past year.

The donation was facilitated by the ICTY Outreach with support of Aidnet Foundation   


28 February, The Hague

Working visit of NATO Committee

The delegation held talks with the Tribunal Principals, President Fausto Pocar, Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, and Registar Hans Holthuis. They also showed interest in viewing an ICTY-supported documentary on Prijedor crimes, and watched a session in the Milošević trial. They continued their fact-finding mission by traveling on to Sarajevo.

The visit was organized by the Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security NATO Parliamentary Assembly

> 16 members and associate
members of the NATO Committee

16 February, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICTY seminar for international community in BiH

The Sarajevo Outreach organised a diplomatic briefing - a presentation on the work of the ICTY for embassies and international organisations in BiH. The diplomats learnt about the establishment and mandate of the ICTY, its achievements, future challenges, and discussed what is needed for the successful completion of the ICTY mandate. Witness protection, level of state cooperation, outreach work and public perception of the ICTY were also debated. Information packages were provided, containing the ICTY President's and Prosecutor's latest report to UN SC on implementation of the Completion Strategy, as well as a selection of information sheets.

The event was organised by the ICTY Outreach

> representatives of 31 diplomatic missions, including several Ambassadors and/or Heads of Mission

2-3 February,
The Hague

Visit of the NGO Youth Initiative for Human Rights

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights is a long-standing and close partner of the ICTY in Serbia. The two days visit at the Tribunal included meetings with the top officials: President, Prosecutor and Registrar, as well as Communication Service personnel to devise best ways of approaching outreach activities in Serbia.

The visit was self-sponsored by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, and supported by the ICTY Outreach

> Youth Initiative Executive Director, and a Steering Committee member

February, Ključ, Bosanski Novi,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Victims informed about ICTY prosecution of crimes in Ključ and Bosanski Novi

In response to the publicly-voiced dissatisfaction from the victim associations in Ključ and Bosanski Novi that “nobody had been held accountable” for crimes committed there, the Sarajevo Outreach office contacted the respective NGOs and sent them tailored information packages outlining the work of the ICTY with respect to crimes committed in these municipalities. Special focus was given to the case of Radoslav Brđanin, which allowed the associations to gain direct insight into the Trial Chamber’s findings on the crimes committed in their area.

> Association of Camp Detainees in Bosanski Novi and the Association of Families of Missing Persons in Ključ

23-24 January,
The Hague

Working visit of Judges of the BiH State Court

This high-level group of judges from the BiH Court was led by the Court’s President for talks with the ICTY President and exchange of views with the Tribunal’s judges. Apart from this, various aspects of the Registry and OTP were discussed, most notably transfer of cases and material to the region and support for witnesses.

The visit was sponsored by the Office for Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

> President of the BiH Court Meddžida Kreso, Deputy Registrar of the BiH Court, and 14 national and international judges

24-27 January,
The Hague

Rijeka Law Faculty visit

The law students from Croatia attended a program which gave them an understanding of the ICTY mandate and provided information on jurisprudence and a number of procedural legal issues. The students also attended court proceedings.

The visit was organised by European Law Student Association (ELSA) from Rijeka, Croatia

> law students from the Rijeka University, Croatia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Short TV clips on frequent questions to the ICTY

The Sarajevo Outreach office played a key role in the production of 18 two-minute information video clips, or “answers to frequently asked questions” (FAQs) on the ICTY, for screening by televisions stations in BiH as part of an 18-part television series on war crimes. ICTY Outreach developed the concept and participated in the filming. The FAQs included topics as sentencing, plea agreements, rights of the accused, indictment policy, and others.

The series was produced by the company XY Films

> general public in Bosnia and Herzegovina