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Crimes jugés par le TPIY : Višegrad

Incendiary paramilitary violence on trial

Before the tumultuous break-up of the former Yugoslavia, the municipality in south-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina called Višegrad was a peaceful, multi-ethnic community. Višegrad was once known for its famous Ottoman bridge over the river Drina.  Now it is known as one of the most horrific crime scenes in a war-torn region.  
In early 1992, several months after the ethnic tensions had burst into terrible conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, these tensions reached a boiling point in Višegrad.

Muslims in Višegrad began to be systematically attacked, tortured or killed resulting in a massive population shift that meant the near eradication of the Muslim population in the area.  The investigations into these crimes led to the prosecution of direct perpetrators. 

This documentary provides an insight into the investigation, prosecution and judicial findings of these crimes.

Through first-hand witness testimonies, Trial and Appeals Chambers judgements and interviews with the protagonists, Crimes before the ICTY: Višegrad tells the gripping story of the judicial response to the tide of ethnic cleansing that swept the municipality.