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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 26th May 2004

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 26 May 2004

note that this is not a verbatim transcript of the Press Briefing.
It is merely a summary.

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

Date: 26.05.2004

Time: 12:00


Jim Landale, Spokesman for Registry and Chambers, made the following

Good afternoon,

First, I would like to address some misleading
statements that have been reported with regard to the upcoming Serbian
presidential elections. The Tribunal’s position is that it has no
objection to detainees voting in elections in their own countries,
but that it is a matter between the detainee and their Embassy.
The Tribunal will facilitate the voting process when requested by
the Embassy. This is what has already happened with regard to the
elections in Serbia on 13 June: The Tribunal has done everything
asked of it by the Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro to facilitate
the voting.

Specifically, I would like to put it on the record
that the ICTY has not deprived Mr. Seselj of his right to vote.
In line with the voting procedures followed by the all the other
detainees who intend to vote in the upcoming elections in Serbia,
he was required to fill in a voter registration form supplied by
the Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro. I understand that he refused
to do this. Usually, the Tribunal would not comment on the private
matter of who in our detention unit wishes to vote in an election,
however in response to suggestions in some sections of the media
in Belgrade, we wish to make it clear that at no stage has the ICTY
prevented Mr. Seselj from participating in the election process.

In addition, there have been statements in the
media that Mr. Seselj has been prevented from contacting his family.
Again, for the record, this is not the case. The current restrictions
on his communications’ privileges allow him to contact his family
on a regular basis.

In terms of the court schedule:

The Sentencing Judgement in The Prosecutor v.
Milan Babic
will be rendered on Monday 7 June 2004 at 10 a.m.
in Courtroom I. Babic was indicted on 18 November 2003 and voluntarily
surrendered one week later. On 28 January 2004, the Trial Chamber
accepted Babic's guilty plea and found him guilty of persecutions
on political, racial, and religious grounds. The sentencing hearing
took place on 1 and 2 April.

There will be a status conference in The Prosecutor
v. Vojislav Seselj
on Friday 11 June 2.15 p.m.

Finally, I understand that the ADC will give a
briefing after this.

also the latest ADC-ICTY press briefing.


Florence Hartmann, Spokeswoman for the Office of
the Prosecutor, made the following statement:

The Prosecutor will visit Bosnia and Herzegovina
and Croatia starting on Monday 31 May 2004 until Friday, 4 June
2004. Please find her itinerary below.

Visit of the Prosecutor

Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatia

(31 May – 4 June 2004 )

Monday, 31 May 2004:


Meeting RS Leadership (President, PM, MOI, MOD, MOJ)
Meeting with the Association of camp victims.


meeting with the Women victims of war
meeting with the Association of Camp inmates

Tuesday, 01 June 2004


Meeting OHR
Meeting COM SFOR


local counselors, city officials


meeting with city counselors/Cantonal Court

Wednesday, 02 June 2004


Meeting with the BiH Presidency (Tihic - Covic– Paravac)
Meeting with Council of Ministers (Mr. Terzic)
Meeting with the Diplomatic corps


memorial Potocari, meeting with Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa

Thursday, 03 June 2004


meeting with Federal PM (Hadzipasic)


Ministry of Justice V.Skare-Ozbolt
State Attorney’s Office
meeting with President S.Mesic

Friday, 04 June 2004


Meeting with the Croatian Bar Association;
Meeting at the Supreme Court;
Meeting with the Diplomatic corps


County Court in Rijeka and City Council

Press Briefings documents:

The Prosecutor v. Slobodan Milosevic

18 May 2004 "Defence Motion: Requesting Access
to Certain Confidential Filings in the Case of the Prosecutor v.
Slobodan Milosevic".

The Prosecutor v. Jadranko Prlic et al

20 May 2004 "Response to the Prosecution’s Submission
Regarding Conflict of Interests Concerning Defence Counsel (Stojic)".

The Prosecutor v. Milomir Stakic

20 May 2004 "Milomir Stakic’s Brief in Reply".

The Prosecutor v. Milan Martic

7 May 2004 Partly Confidential "Prosecution’s Pre-Trial