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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 27th Oct 2004

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

note that this is not a verbatim transcript of the Press Briefing.
It is merely a summary.

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

Date: 27.10.2004

Time: 12.00 p.m.

Registry and Chambers:

Jim Landale, Spokesman for Registry and Chambers,
made the following statement:

Good afternoon,

I can confirm that the Registry has received
a request from Steven Kay and Gillian Higgins for their withdrawal
from their role as assigned counsel in the Milosevic case. I would
underline the fact that at this point it is a request. Both assigned
counsel are still assigned to the case until there is a decision
otherwise. Copies of that request for withdrawal to the Registry
will be made available to you once this briefing has concluded.

The President of the ICTY, Judge Theodor Meron,
will conduct an official visit to Croatia on 4 and 5 November 2004,
at the invitation of the Croatian Government. This will be the first
official visit to Croatia by President Meron.

During the two-day visit, President Meron is due to meet with the
Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of
Justice, the President of the Supreme Court and the President of
the Republic.

Discussions are expected to focus on general aspects
of cooperation between the ICTY and Croatia, and the Tribunal’s
completion strategy.

Aside from the continuation of the Krajisnik, Oric
and Hadzihasanovic and Kubura trials next week:

There will be a status conference in The Prosecutor
v. Milomir Stakic
on 2 November at 2.30 p.m. in Courtroom I.

There will be a status conference in The Prosecutor
v. Mitar Rasevic
on 4 November at 3 p.m.

There will be a status conference in The Prosecutor
v. Stanislav Galic
on 22 November at 2.30 p.m.

There will be a status conference in The Prosecutor
v. Martinovic and Naletilic
on 23 November at 4 p.m.

And, there will be a status conference in The
Prosecutor v. Milan Babic
on 17 December at 2.30 p.m.

With regard to court documents, a list of the most
recent court documents will be available to you after this.

Office of the Prosecution:

Florence Hartmann for the Office of the Prosecutor
made no statement.


Asked what the next step would be, Landale said
that in most cases, pursuant to the Directive on Assignment of Defence
Counsel, the request would be to the Registrar and it would be for
him to decide. Of course this case was slightly different in that
the counsel were assigned pursuant to an Order from the Trial Chamber
and so it could well be that the Trial Chamber would need to rule
on the matter. That would be something he expected to be determined
in the course of today, Landale said.

Press Briefing Documents:

The Prosecutor v. Slobodan Milosevic

22 October 2004 "Prosecution’s Thirteenth
Report Concerning Disclosure."

26 October 2004 "Order On Amici Curiae Observations
On Relevant Issues Of International Law."

The Prosecutor v. Sefer Halilovic

21 October 2004 "Order On Defence Motion re
Prosecution Failure To Seek Leave From The Trial Chamber."

22 October 2004 "Order On Prosecution Application
For Admission Of Evidence Under Rule 92bis."

22 October 2004 "Prosecution’s Reply To Defence
Response To Prosecution Motion To Amend Indictment."

The Prosecutor v. Ivan Cermak and Mladen

22 October 2004 "Appellant Mladen Markac’s
Interlocutory Appeal Against The Trial Chamber’s Decision Denying
Second Motion For Provisional Release."

22 October 2004 "Ivan Cermak’s Interlocutory
Appeal Against Trial Chamber’s Decision On Second Motion For The
Provisional Release."

The Prosecutor v. Naser Oric

21 October 2004 "Order Concerning Guidelines
On Evidence And The Conduct Of Parties During Trial Proceedings."

The Prosecutor v. Momir Nikolic

21 October 2004 "Decision On Appellant’s Motion
To Amend Notice Of Appeal."

26 October 2004 "Appellant Momir Nikolic’s
Amended Notice Of Appeal."

The Prosecutor v. Blagoje Simic

21 October 2004 "Decision On Motion Of Blagoje
Simic Pursuant To Rule 65(I) For Provisional Release For A Fixed
Period To Attend Memorial Services For His Father."

21 October 2004 "Corrigendum."

The Prosecutor v. Momcilo Krajisnik

21 October 2004 "Prosecution’s Notification
Concerning Examination Of Adverse Witnesses."

The Prosecutor v. Mladen Naletilic and Vinko

20 October 2004 "Decision On Naletilic’s Consolidated
Motion To Present Additional Evidence."

20 October 2004 "Decision On Martinovic’s Request For Presentation
Of Additional Evidence."

The Prosecutor v. Mejakic, Gruban, Fustar,
and Knezevic

22 October 2004 "Decision On Prosectution’s
Motion For Admission Of Trial Transcripts and Statements Pursuant
To Rule 92bis and Rule 89(F) and Protective Measures."

22 October 2004 "Decision On Prosecution’s
Motion For Leave To Add And Remove Witnesses From Its Rule 65ter
Witness List."

26 October 2004 "Order On Prosecution’s Motion
To Amend Consolidated Indictment Schedules A Through F, The Rul
65ter Witness Summaries, And The Pre-Trial Brief Incident Summaries."

The Prosecutor v. Prlic, Stojic, Praljak,
Petkovic, Coric, and Pusic

25 October 2004 "The Accused Valentin Coric’s
Application For Provisional Leaving Of His Residence."

The Prosecutor v. Jovica Stanisic and Franko

26 October 2004 "Decision On Confidential
Prosecutions Motions For Protective Measures."

The Prosecutor v. Radoslav Brdanin

26 October 2004 "Prosecution’s response To
Appellants’ ‘Motion For Disclosure Pursuant To Rule 68 And Motion
For An Order To The Registrar To Disclose Certain Materials."

The Prosecutor v. Enver Hadzihasanovic and
Amir Kubura

27 October 2004 "Decision On Motions For Acquittal
Pursuant To Rule 98bis Of The Rules Of Procedure and Evidence."

The Prosecutor v. Miroslav Tadic

25 October 2004 "Written Submission Of Mr
Miroslav Tadic On Reports From The Registry And The Office Of The
Prosecutor Regarding His Early Release."

The Prosecutor v. Pasko Ljubicic

27 October 2004 "Decision On Prosecution’s
Motion To Lift Confidentiality Of A Filing From The Case Of Prosecutor
v. Tihomir Blaskic


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