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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 2nd Jun 2004

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 26 May 2004

note that this is not a verbatim transcript of the Press Briefing.
It is merely a summary.

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

Date: 02.06.2004

Time: 12:00


Jim Landale, Spokesman for Registry and Chambers, made the following

Good afternoon,

I just have a few short items for you today.

In terms of the court schedule:

There will be a status conference in The Prosecutor
v. Rahim Ademi
tomorrow at 2.30 p.m. in Courtroom I. The accused
is not required to be present.

As I announced last week, the Sentencing Judgement
in The Prosecutor v. Milan Babic will be rendered next Monday
7 June 2004 at 10 a.m. in Courtroom I.

There will be a status conference in The Prosecutor
v. Vojislav Seselj
on Friday 14 June at 10 a.m. in Courtroom
I and not on 11 June as previously announced.

Finally, I understand that the ADC will give a
briefing after this.

See also
the latest ADC-ICTY press briefing.

Office of the Prosecution:

Jean-Daniel Ruch for the Office of the Prosecutor
made no statement.


A journalist asked for information on the incident between two
of the detainees which took place in the Detention Unit last Sunday.
In his response, Landale stated that he understood that on Sunday
an exchange of words had taken place between the two individuals,
followed by a brief altercation. As soon as prison officers became
aware that something was amiss, they quickly resolved the situation.

In a follow-on question, the journalist enquired about any penalties
which the Tribunal might impose for such behaviour. Landale answered
that that was a matter for the Commander of the Detention Unit.
He could not go into what measures the Commander might take.

He added that the incident was the subject of a filing by the defence
counsel for Rajic before the presiding Judge and the Registrar.
He underlined that the incident was over quickly and that there
was no injury to any party.